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Kate Benford MAR

Reflexology in a calm and tranquil space, designed to support your health and wellbeing.


Kate is great! She's very professional and really knows her stuff. Every time I've been to see her, she can tell me exactly what the problem is and gives good suggestions to help at home. I really enjoyed seeing her during my pregnancy and I definitely think having reflexology to the lead up to delivery supported my labour to be simple and stress free. I looked for a long time for someone to visit me at home who didn't cost the earth and then I found Kate! Highly recommend her both at home and her clinic.


I experienced my first facial acupressure treatment with Kate this week. It was amazing, I left feeling rejuvenated and re-balanced and ready to face the world! Kate is an amazing, professional practitioner and I would thoroughly recommend her.


Kate is truly wonderful, professional and caring. She has supported me from conception to the final week of my pregnancy and I couldn't recommend her enough.


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I can help 

Tired, stressed, out of balance?

With my knowledge and skills of reflexology I can help you take a moment in time to heal yourself naturally. I use 100% natural oils and balms to help induce deep relaxation and tailor the treatment individually  to your needs. I work on your symptoms holistically, to bring improvement to your health and well-being.


Whilst reflexology cannot be used to cure or treat conditions, it is used to treat you as a person and using relaxation, improving circulation and restoring homeostasis; the body's natural balance, I can help to bring about a change in your symptoms.


Whether you are looking for support and help with:

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Pain and injury

  • Digestive ailments

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Sleep issues

  • Stress, from your working or home life or during a period of examinations

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Fertility and pregnancy


or just want to support and maintain good health and wellbeing, I can help you.​



For more information about The Reflex Room please don’t hesitate to contact me

15 Ware Road, Hertford, UK SG13 7DZ 

19 Amwell Street, Hoddesdon, UK EN11 8UN


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