Using your moxa stick, acupressure seeds and crystal to support your digestive system naturally


Moxibustion and acupressure seeds can be used on the same points on either your hands or feet. The moxa adds gentle warmth or a zing of heat to add in energy. It is relaxing and calming. 


Preparation & Safety

Before you begin, ensure you have a plate and an eggcup of salt. Once you have these items you can light the end of your moxa stick. It is smokeless so will not set off your smoke alarm but it does have quite a woody scent when lit. A lighter, cooking blow torch or gas hob are the easiest ways to light your stick. The plate is somewhere safe to put it down during use and the eggcup of salt is to extinguish when you are finished. (Water may crack or damage your stick preventing further use.)


A lit moxa should never come into direct contact with your skin. It should be used above the skin at a distance of 1-3cm.


You will regularly need to tap or scrape the ash off onto your plate, so keep it close by.



Moxibustion is not suitable to be used on children, males under the age of 21 or during pregnancy. If there is a fever or infection this technique should also be avoided. It is also worth noting that this is not to be used instead of visiting your GP. A medical diagnosis should always be sought.

Do not use the seeds if you are allergic to plasters.



Use the moxa above the skin moving in small circles or a pecking technique to create gentle warmth. Holding the stick still will allow the point to gently warm before creating a zing of heat.


These techniques should be used either until the skin feels hot or if you see any redness. This is when you need to stop and move onto another point.


Acupressure Seeds

Your acupressure seeds are to be used on the marked points. They allow you to keep a light stimulus on the point which can also be lightly pressed from time to time. Once in place, leave them until they fall off naturally, unless they become irritating in which case they should be removed immediately. 


These are to be used on both legs and both feet. Stomach 36 and Spleen 3 (please see videos for locations.)


Crystal Use

Keep your crystal by your side when you usually notice your symptoms. Maybe by the side of your bed at night,  in your pocket during the day or leave on your dining table during meal times. You can also use your crystal to stimulate the acupressure points by gently pressing into the skin or making small circles.


Other ideas you can try…

  • Exercise

  • Good eating habits

  • Meditation

  • Plenty of water


Points for moxa- 

  • Move in lines across palms of hands, cover entire area.

  • Solar plexus-  palm of the hand, in the centre.

  • Stomach 36- slide fingers up the leg towards the knee on the outer side. You will feel a slight dip between the bones. When this ends near the knee you will be at ST 36.

  • Spleen 3- this is just below the big toe joint on the side.


Remember to do both hands and both feet!


Seeds to be placed on Stomach 36 and Spleen 3.

Moxibustion for pain

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