Fertility Reflexology Hertford


Fertility Reflexology

Reproflexology is a treatment plan designed to support you and your partner during the journey towards conception. It can be used alongside natural conception and assisted fertility treatments.

During the sessions I work with you and your cycle, creating an individual programme to help remind your body where it should be, reduce any stress and build an awareness of any influential factors which may be having an impact and supporting you along the way.

Upon booking I will ask you to complete and return a pre-conceptual questionnaire which will be followed by taking a detailed medical history on your first visit. You will then be offered a course of treatments to include reflexology, acupressure, dietary supplement advice and changes.

Fertility Coaching

I use the Freedom Fertility Formula; a programme dedicated to working with you to give you support and be in control of your emotions, during your fertility journey.


Over a 3 month period we will work together to help you to feel better, whilst giving you tools and techniques to use lifelong, in any situation.


These sessions are incredibly healing and relaxing, giving you back your freedom and your enjoyment in life.

Book a call or request my brochure to find out more and to discover how I can help and support you.