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Fertility & Family Coach?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Recently someone asked me what I ‘do’ and my usual answer of ‘oh I do loads of things’ led on to me explaining each part of my work, sometimes seemingly unrelated, but actually it occurred to me that everything I do is related.

I help and nurture people

to heal from trauma

that stems from a difficult fertility journey, new pregnancy, birth fear or worries, new parenthood, stress, wellbeing, menopause, change.

I support your emotional and physical wellbeing through coaching and reflexology.

I’m here to support you when you find yourself in a place you never imagined you’d be. A place that feels isolating, never ending, full of fear and what ifs.

But I can help you back to where you want to be, help you step out of the emergency state you find yourself in.

Together, we will explore what is right for you and bring you to a place where you naturally start to make change and feel good. We will start the ripple effect, it’s small and easy but will bring big waves of change to help you heal, your heart and mind.

Wondering where to start? If physical wellbeing is top of your priorities and maybe you are experiencing symptoms that are unusual to you and you have already sought medical support. Aromareflex is the place for you.

This extended reflexology treatment combines the power of essential oils tailor blended for you, to support you with symptoms ranging from digestive issues to menopause, stress to SAD, sleep to energy and many more. It's a lovely reset and care continues at home with your own blend to take away.

If you want to maintain the benefits you feel then regular reflexology sessions can support you as ‘maintenance’. These can be weekly initially and then drawn out to monthly or longer once you have restored the balance you seek.

For anyone on a fertility journey, my Freedom Fertility Formula coaching sessions are incredible. They will change how you feel and how you travel on your journey, with support, empowerment and measurable differences felt by yourself and seen by others, whether that be through secondary infertility, loss or assisted treatment such as IVF. Reflexology sessions support this work to calm, re-balance and restore in the ways that you need and want.

I also offer coaching to those of you newly pregnant. Maybe you have been so busy protecting yourself, you never truly believed you’d get here and the fear of this stage now is huge. You may have experienced the loss of someone close to you and now you feel isolated and alone. Whatever the reason, this programme will support you in regaining emotional control taking you to a place of confidence and strength, to truly enjoy where you are and feel fully prepared for the changes that lie ahead.

Together we will work through the modules of Blooming, Birthing and Bonding to give you the right support where you need it and prepare you for your journey to parenthood.

If you are ready to work with me you can book a session or call online to ask any questions or find out more and explore what is right for you.

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