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Fertility Support Continues

During the last year no one has reached out to me as much as my fertility clients. When fertility treatment clinics closed during the first wave, people were left without support, on a wave of emotions, knowing that delays were now in place affecting their treatment and all their plans were put on hold.

As we are all too aware, the pandemic is still affecting us and our lives, both mentally and physically. Lack of contact with our friends and families has meant that for some there is no escaping what emotions and thoughts they are experiencing. This is where I have been able to give a listening ear, either over the phone, through text or email. I have continued to offer support and information relating to their wellbeing as well as making hand reflexology videos to assist in continuing the work we had already started in clinic.

This area is a real passion of mine as I have seen how valuable it is, which is why I have wanted to offer more. I am therefore excited to announce that I am currently completing additional training to allow me to offer emotional support through a programme of techniques and guidance. Enabling you as my client to cope and manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout your journey, learning to manage those difficult feelings that can arise leaving you on a permanent roller coaster of hope and despair. This is a journey to feeling better and I cannot wait to bring this to you all.

For now I am continuing reproductive reflexology virtually, offering sessions to discover more about your health and wellbeing both now and in the past to further help you on your journey towards parenthood.

Please get in touch to find out more and I can help you.

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