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Male fertility, do you know the facts?

Male fertility is not a widely spoken about subject. It is often assumed that men will be fertile, they may appear fit, healthy, full of life and vitality but are they a keen gym goer? Do they eat well? Have they already fathered a child?

There is a huge amount to consider. Some of the common misbeliefs- such as they are already a dad, so it cannot be their fertility that is delaying conception, they take care of themselves with heavy workouts in the gym and so on. But did you know that it takes sperm 3 months to regenerate? So what was happening 3 months ago? Were you on holiday, sun, sand & sangria? A poor diet or drinking to excess, drugs or smoking? All of these things can negatively impact your fertility. Of course there will always be an exception but it is something that should be considered if you are struggling to conceive.

Male fertility declines in a similar way to women's, although it starts later around the age of 40. But unlike women, men can improve their chances by making changes to their diet, lifestyle, sleeping patterns and therefore improving the quality of their sperm.

This is not about who's to blame, but it is also not as straightforward as some clinics or GP's may lead you to believe. Hormones are your chemical messengers and can be affected by stress, whether that is from work, pollution, your lifestyle or diet. There can be lots of contributing factors, so make sure your knowledge is up to date (from reliable sources), work together to support each other both mentally and physically and seek out the best advice that you can.

Fertility friends is an excellent website, as is natural fertility info.

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