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What is it and how can it help?

Moxibustion is a technique that uses a compressed charcoal stick made from the herb Mugwort which is lit to create heat over your acupressure points. In Reflexology it does not come into contact with your skin but creates a 'zing' of heat directly over points on your feet and ankles to add energy to your system using infrared.

It can be used to support you with chronic and acute symptoms, whether they be pain, hormonal issues, digestive complaints or helping in the turning of a breech baby.

It is a lovely calming part of the session and can (if appropriate) be continued by yourself at home.

Acupressure points can continue to be stimulated with the use of 'ear' seeds, so called as they are often used on the ear following an acupuncture session. Magnets or metal balls can also be used to work the points in a similar way and are chosen depending on any possible allergies but also dependent on the imbalance present. These markers allow you to locate the acupressure point quickly and easily allowing you to apply slight pressure to the area to work the point. They should be left on until they naturally fall off, which can last for several days.

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