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Structure, movement and relaxation

Heal yourself naturally; have you ever thought about how much your feet go through?

They keep you moving and take the strain and impact from everyday activities. The wrong footwear or an injury can completely change your gait, your posture and add additional stress and tension to your ankles, knees, hips and spine causing structural issues, referred pain and symptoms elsewhere. But the body is clever, it compensates. Adjusting the size, shape and position of the feet (that’s why a bunion appears) to try and protect itself without you even realising. The key is preventative healthcare before these unknowns become an issue. 

Are you fully aware of how your daily life, activities and environment impact on your structure?

Reflexology can help unlock these areas of strain and tension, improve circulation; facilitating healing and work directly on the origin of the symptoms.


Preventative healthcare for the mind, body & soul.

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