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What can Reflexology do for me?

This is a great question with such a huge answer and something I get asked an awful lot. I get a lot of phone calls and emails, often from people who have tried every other avenue with little or limited success. They are fed up, frustrated and unsure where to turn.

I recently gave a talk at a day retreat and this topic was of high interest; I thought I knew the answer...

So many people contact me looking for support with symptoms ranging from hormonal issues, fertility, pregnancy, stress, sleep disturbances, digestive issues as well as general wellbeing, relaxation and ‘me-time’ and along the way this initial support changes as one symptom reduces, improves or resolves, it’s easy to forget or notice the changes that are occurring or happening along the way.

So I thought it was about time I audited my records to give a truer answer and confirm my own ideas. Well Hertford and surrounding areas the majority of you have been visiting me at The Reflex Room for a totally different reason!

There are so many of you who have looked for support with symptoms of pain and these range from headaches and migraines to shoulder and neck pain, spinal pain, abdominal pain, hip and knee pain, right down to foot and ankle pain, pain from cancer treatment and medical procedures. You all have sought medical support first but have not had the results you are looking for or require further support.

I am pleased to offer you treatment to complement you during this journey and help reduce any associated stress and tension and reduce your symptoms of pain. Reflexology allows the whole body to be considered and helps to identify other areas that may be exacerbating your symptoms or contributing to them, enabling you to have a more rounded view of what is happening and how to make a change to improve your sense of wellbeing and make a change to your symptom pattern.

Pain makes a big impact to you and your lifestyle and you don’t have to accept that as your normal. Reflexology may help you to make that change and a session at The Reflex Room can support you using reflexology, essential oils, moxibustion, acupressure and seeds to totally relax you and give your body the chance and prompt it needs to begin to heal.

Help yourself to feel better.

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