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Why is Reflexology so good for your back pain?

Have you wondered how and why reflexology works so well to help you with your back pain?

When you visit The Reflex Room your reflexology session incorporates various techniques including A.R.T to warm up and loosen the feet, joints, muscles and corresponding structures.

The ankle rotations you are guided through help loosen up your hip muscles, the metatarsal pulsing action support the plexus of veins that return blood to the heart aiding healing and reducing pain.

The toes are worked to not only to target the whole body by working the major meridians, but also to tap into the posterior tibial nerve which is an extension of the sciatic nerve, connecting directly with your lower back.

The spinal reflexes are treated along with any corresponding areas for you; sensitivities, tension or weaknesses that are contributing to your symptoms.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy to help you heal and make a change to your symptoms. Book an appointment or make contact for more info ✨

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