Treatment options

Fertility Journey

Support your natural or assisted fertility journey with reproflexology.

This treatment plan includes 2 sessions a week apart consisting of a pre-conceptual questionnaire, online consultation, charting support, test & results reviews or advice, knowledge,  regular contact & home hand reflexology



Devices and Pineapple

Foot Reflexology

A blissfully relaxing treatment of the feet used to induce deep relaxation, improve circulation and restore homeostasis; the body's natural balance. This 60 minute session comprises of a 45 minute treatment individually tailored to you and your needs. Designed to relax, restore and rebalance.


Facial Acupressure

Facial Acupressure therapy treats the unique structure of the face to support emotional and stress relief. It incorporates working with the Chinese Acupressure facial map to benefit the whole body by targeting lymphatic drainage points, improving circulation, toning and relaxing facial tension.

Treatments involve preparing the skin before an extremely relaxing treatment in which you will feel pampered and become deeply relaxed. You will feel and look revitalised.



Aromareflex combines the power of essential oils with your hand or foot reflexology treatment. A tailored blend will be used to specifically meet your needs adding an extra element of relaxation with the therapeutic aroma of blended oils. The session is extended to last 1 hour and 15 minutes and you even get to take home your own little pot of bliss to continue to reap the benefits at home.


Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology may be used to reap the same benefits as those experienced as when the feet are treated. It can be beneficial to children and those who either do not like their feet being touched or have illnesses or conditions preventing a full foot treatment at the time. With my Hand Reflexology treatment, your body and mind will feel free and clear of all worries and stresses that life places upon us. I can demonstrate techniques for you to use in your own time that will continue to help you both mentally and physically.

Mobile Reflexology

Mobile appointments are available to your home or place of work etc., please note there is an additional charge of £10.

Corporate Reflexology

Reflexology is known to reduce stress and tension and to induce deep relaxation. Studies have been conducted that show employee sickness and attendance can be greatly improved by providing reflexology sessions in the workplace. Staff can either pay for themselves, be subsidised by the company or claim on their cash back health plan.
All you need to do is to provide a quiet, private area for the sessions to be carried out and assist with advertising the service.


Cancellation Policy

Please give me the opportunity to re-book your appointment if you can no longer attend by notifying me no later than 48 hours in advance or  fee may be charged.

Please note that if you arrive late for an appointment I may have to reduce your session time to prevent it impacting other clients.

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